This Week’s Featured Runners: The Truong Sisters!

This Week We Are Featuring 3 Runners, The Truong Sisters: Vivi, Anna And Diem! You May recognize Them From The Header On Our Webpage For This Race! We Are So Honored To Have These 3 As Part Of Our Running Community. They Are Always Supporting Us, Whether It Be Running In Our Races Or Giving Us A Like Or A Comment On Social Media. They Are The Best! Read Their Individual Stories Below!


“We got to know your racing event, because I saw your advertising page on facebook! It was also the first year you did the 10k event! I signed my sisters and I up for the 10k, and this year will be the 3rd year we are doing Negative Split! We have been kicking off our running season with this being our FIRST racing event for the past few years!
I’m mostly the one whose been signing us all up for running events where we run together the past couple of years. Anna signs herself up for her big races, but I sign us all up for more. With Diem sometimes I have to sign her up for races and then tell her to train lol.
This will be my 5th year since I’ve gotten back into running.  It’s been tough. I took 10 years off from running after Cross country in high school.
I just decided one day that I was going to start running again. I’ve had an on again off again relationship with the gym and with my weight. I wanted to get back into shape to be honest.
I made plans with my little sister Anna to go do my first run. 3 miles. She’s always running, and the one who inspired me to get back into running. I didn’t think I could make it 3 miles, so I did a pre run before running with her. I could only do 1 mile…and it wasn’t a pretty one. It was horrible. The first 3 miles I ran with my little sister were painful. I still remember it. I was running over 13 min miles,…but I gave it everything I had in me. My sister really got me through my first year of running.  Some people  may think running is just physical, but it’s emotional as well. And it does affect you mentally. I’ve been pretty blessed to have my little sister pull me through those times.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been broken down. But I’ve never stayed down.  I took my failure at the beginning and just kept running.
I’ve had many injuries and struggles with my first few years of running.
I have heart problems and it gets in the way of my running. I feel like it holds me back a lot. I had heart surgery a few years ago, but it’s something that can’t be cured and I will have this condition for rest of my life. I feel like my progress is slow because of it. But I just keep running and training and pushing forward. If I gain an inch it’s still progress.
I started at 13 min miles to now running around 9’30/min miles. I ran my first half marathon, The Spokane half in 2hrs 32mins. Since, then I’ve ran 7 half marathons. 4 of them just last year! My fastest half marathon to date is when I ran the Spokane half marathon for the THIRD time last year ! 2hrs 6mins! That was a huge milestone for me. As to how far I’ve come. Last year was a great running year for me.
I love my sister Diem. When I was training for my half marathons she would always go on my long runs with me. She wasn’t training for any half marathons at the time at all, she was training for 10ks.  But she would go out and run 10-15 miles with me just for fun. Just to run with her sister. The only reason why we ran 15 miles was because I miscalculated the distance!!! It was only supposed to be an 11 mile run. The whole thing about all Asians being good at math is a myth. Lol. Only with your sisters can you run and laugh so hard at the same time.
My goals this year is do a few more half marathons. And many other races inbetween. I really just run because I love to.  Running makes me feel alive even if it’s a painful at times.  It gives me a sense of freedom. Nothing is better than running with sisters. We pick eachother up. Suffer together. We get each other to cross that finish line.”


“Running is my biggest passion and I’ve been running all my life. I run because it makes me happy. It gives me the best feeling in the world and it’s addicting. I’ve completed 5 full marathons and I recently qualified for the 2019 Boston marathon! It’s a huge accomplishment and I can’t wait to experience it!
I will be running the Windermere marathon with my sister Diem this upcoming May. It will be her first full marathon and i’m excited to start the training process with her.”


“I’ve been running for about 4 years now. I used to do track in high school,  but nothing long distance. That was over 10 years ago.
I started my distance running career by my older and younger sister’s encouragment. Also, by them signing me up for my very first competitive 5k, which was a timed event! 3 miles was the furthest I had ever ran in my entire life! After the first completion of my 5k I was HOOKED! I thought I was just going to run one to see what it was all about, but my sisters continued to sign me up for more!

From there I became addicted to running, I wanted to know how far I could challenge myself to run! So within the same year,  my older sister signed me up for my very first BloomsDay race. 7.5 miles seemed so far, but I trained hard and completed it.  I later thought to myself,  “If I can run 7.46 miles, I can run a half marathon! ” So my sister signed me up for it.  My little sister encouraged my older sister and I to run our very first half marathon! The Spokane half marathon.

I had trained over 2 months for my half.   I dedicated my time towards running so much because I grew passionate about the sport. I finished my very first half marathon in 1hr 56mins and 43 secs!
This year I will be running my very First full Marathon.  I signed up for the Windermere Marathon.   I thought to myself, “you only live once”.
“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it” — Oprah Winfrey”

Thank you girls so much for inspiring us by sharing your running stories! We can’t wait to cheer you on this Spring!

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