THIS WEEK’S FEATURED RUNNER IS SARA! Sara Is Running The Negative Split And Windermere Races This Spring. She Is Also A Part Of Our Run Group!

Here Is Her Story: “I’m running the Negative Split Half Marathon and Windermere Half Marathon this spring!

A year ago I gave up drinking for the sole purpose of bettering myself and creating a happier, healthier lifestyle. Sobriety has taught me so much about what I’m capable of and running has helped give me the strength to persevere. On my hardest days, the days where I would normally find myself running from my emotions and responsibilities by running to the bar, I now lace up the sneakers and run. When I run, I have freedom, I have control. It’s my therapy and it’s my medicine. There is something so magical in feeling your heart beat in time with your footsteps, feeling the sun or the rain on your skin and the way your mood can be altered after just a few miles.

The Negative Split and Windermere will be my third and fourth half marathons. I get choked up at the beginning of every race I run. Something about being surrounded by that many strong, willful, like-minded people. That energy is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. And it gets me through every mile, every cramp, every shin splint, every negative thought that may creep into the forefront of my mind. If I can give up alcohol I can do anything I set my mind to. Crossing that finish line, seeing my family and my pup waiting for me at the end cheering me on, the medal being placed around my neck…those moments are memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. And that feeling of pride? Well, let me tell you something…it’s better than any buzz alcohol ever gave me.”

Sara, Thank You So Much For Sharing Your Story With Us! You Are Truly An Inspiration!

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