This Week’s Featured Runner is Alvaro!

We are excited to have Alvaro running the Negative Split Half Marathon and the Windermere Full Marathon with us this Spring! This is his story:

“Why do I run?

I firmly believe that the best shape of my life will be tomorrow. That means I have to push myself today. Every. Single. Day. Happiness for me starts by killing excuses, and I’m proud to say I increase my kill count every day.

It’s inspiring to see the different runners at events as well. Some run to prove to themselves they can, to go for a new personal record, as a leadership exercise for work, to run for someone who can’t run themselves, and more. Heck, in Seattle I did a Spartan Race where a guy did a 10 mile course who didn’t have legs. NO LEGS. What’s my excuse for not being active? I have none. What’s yours? None.

To date I’ve dropped about 75 pounds. I have the brazen stretchmarks and post-transformation loose skin to prove it. When you looked at me before my weight loss, you would see a very introverted guy wearing 3X shirts and 40 inch waist jeans sitting on the couch indulging on junk food and soda. College started for me six years ago and I decided to change parts of my life that 1) I was unhappy with and 2) would hold me back from the cliché “living life to the fullest.” Now I’m the most extroverted person you’ll ever meet and I believe that crazy is a positive word in every person’s vocabulary. Medium shirts and 30/31 inch waist jeans. It’s so liberating.

My journey began running by the Columbia River in Pasco, WA. The first attempt at running was disappointing. I couldn’t run for longer than a minute before walking. At 260 pounds, I hated myself. I started working on it every day. I would walk a lot, and jog what I could. Fast forward six years, and my half marathon count is over 20, done three full marathons, and countless other races – Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, 5k and 10k runs. I’m proud of my personal record at Windermere last year; finished my marathon in 3:33.

I firmly believe that the best shape of my life will be tomorrow. That means I’ll never be done with my fitness. Think about it. I’m motivated to be an example for myself and for others. To be fit. To be happy. Love yourself. And everyone else will, too.”

Thank you, Alvaro, for inspiring us with your story!


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