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Event Overview

Join us for a virtual running relay from Spokane to Kenya.

Individually your run commitment is small. Collectively your miles make a big impact. As a community we will conquer the 8,822 miles to Kenya and make a difference (we anticipate this will be about 30 miles per person during the month). The need for COVID-19 relief, food, and clean water has never been greater! Each $40 registration can feed a family for a month!

You’ll Get

  • Finisher Shirt
  • The chance to walk in someone else’s shoes
  • Run to Kenya

Race FAQs


Registration includes tech t-shirt and an epic run virtual run to collectively run to Kenya. 

Race Cost: $40

Online registration closes on August 15th, 2020 at 11:59pm.

How It Works:

  1. Register online before August 15th
  2. Run or walk as many miles as you can during the month of July-August 15th. (If you start late… no problem, just run as many miles as you can)
  3. Log your miles on our online results page every time you run.
  4. Check back on your progress and our collective progress along the journey.

Make sure to share your pictures and your experience with us on social media using #nsplit

What Spring Of Hope Is Doing In Kenya:

The past sixteen weeks have been extremely challenging to our Kenyan brothers and sisters, and they continue to struggle with the hardships due to Covid-19 lockdown and flooding. The Kenya government provides no safety nets for vulnerable people in time of pandemic and calamities.

The government is now requiring face masks to be worn, (failing to wear a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to arrest and fines), and since most people could not afford to buy one, SOHI provided 2000 masks to local families within the region. With the funds from our partners, we were able to hire local women to make the masks locally, so this created opportunity for women to earn some money for their family’s daily basic needs while providing this life saving service. Face masks are a vital way of preventing the spread of the virus and protecting the elderly. During distribution we also took time to educate people on the prevention of Covid-19. We help people know that anyone can get the virus if they don’t take care of themselves.

We purchased food and distributed to the most vulnerable, starting with orphans, then elderly. Many families in Kenya live on hand to mouth. Each day families have to go out to look for food. With the outbreak of COVID-19 many families have been forced to stay indoors hence making it difficult to get food, especially without the support of the government. Each family (average of six people) got enough food to feed them for a month. We distributed food to over 700 households (with average of 6) that is over 4,200 mouths that were fed and have food for the whole month.

What is Spring of Hope International

Spring of Hope was founded in 2008 by native Kenyan, David Opap, who, being raised in the area, has an intimate first-hand knowledge of the region, culture, and challenges facing these people. Since its inception, SOHI has partnered with the proud and hard-working people in this rural Kenyan community empowering them to improve their living conditions. Spring of Hope International focuses on 4 main areas: Clean Water, Education Opportunities, Economic Empowerment, & Spiritual Development.

How You Can Help

All proceeds of the Spokenya Run go directly to the Spiring Of Hope. This helps creates new wells, teaching new farming techniques, finding hope in situations and so much more. You can also sponsor the run or make a donations.

For more information about the Spring of Hope International click here!



If you are interested in sponsoring this event, contact us here!