Roll it!

//Roll it!

Today we are talking about foam rolls.

In my opinion, every runner should own a foam roll. They are cheap, effective and easy to use. Foam rolls are very effective for self massage and postural correction. Below are some of our favorite moves for runners with the foam roll.

TFL and hip flexors:

Roll face down on the roller with your hip crease on the roll. search for trigger points and hold pressure on them for 30-60sec. tight hip flexors and TFL can lead to IT band and SI joint issues running


Roll face down on the roller starting above your kneecap and slowly working your way up toward your hip along your thigh. Tight quads can be a contributing factor to many knee injuries.


Roll the back side of our calf along the roller particularly the insides and outsides of the calf. Hold pressure on trigger points for 30-60 seconds. Calf tightness can lead to plantar fasciitis and shin splint problems.

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