Our featured runner this week is Bryanna, one of the fastest women in our community! We are so excited to have her running the Negative Split 10K and the Windermere Half Marathon with us in the Spring of 2018! She is so passionate about running and has made a career out of sharing her passion with others.

She owns and operates a blog, wholesomelyfit.com, which is a great source of information on nutrition, running & fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She has her masters in Nutrition and is a certified/licensed Nutritionist, a certified running coach and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She offers these services through her website and at Tailwind Fitness. Oh and she also runs a 2:52 marathon! We asked Bryanna why she runs and this is her story:

“I run because I can. So many individuals don’t have opportunities to run or are not physically able, so I don’t want to take for granted the talents God has given me and the opportunity I have to run. I look at running as, I get to run, not that I have to run. This keeps me motivated to get out the door every morning before the rest of the house wakes up. Those dark and lonely miles can be hard to approach every morning, but I remind myself that I get to do this. I have been given a talent that I can use to inspire others and encourage others. I also run because, lets be real, I am a mother and I need that alone time. I need to keep my sanity and get away from the chaos at home. Those 45 minutes can help me reset and help ease stress and tension. Runs put everything in perspective. The world slows down for just a moment, and I only have to focus on myself, my breathing, my stride, my foot strike. There’s no worrying about a messy house, screaming kids, bills and endless tasks from work. Running is therapeutic for me, a time to escape. I run because it’s my outlet to be competitive and to challenge myself. I have goals for my running. I also run because I want to set an example for my children, to teach them discipline, dedication and overcoming. Running can help so many areas of our lives, from out health mentally, physical, and emotionally, to our relationships and work ethic. It also provides us an opportunity to inspire others and share with others the same passion.”

Bryanna, thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Check out Bryanna’s Instagram, @wholesomelybry, for daily running inspiration and her website at wholesomelyfit.com. Photo Credit: Jon Jonckers

We would love for YOU guys to join us this Spring: