THIS WEEK’S FEATURED RUNNER: Heather LeFriec! We are so excited to introduce this week’s featured runner! She is not only a phenomenal runner, but she has made a huge impact on our women’s running community by co-founding The Spokane Swifts. We are honored to have Heather running the Negative Split 5K and The Windermere Full Marathon with us this year!
THIS IS HEATHER’S STORY: “I had grown up a tennis & softball player, but started running when I was 17 and it was love at first sight. Joined the XC team my senior year of high school and never looked back. I ran XC and the 10,000 Meters in Track for Gonzaga University . After college I decided I’d run a marathon just to say I did one. As I finished my first one which was Portland I was in so much pain I said “ I’m never doing that again”. 2 weeks later I felt better and signed up for another, and another and another. I’m now at 42 completed marathons including Boston 2x, Chicago 3x & New York. I’m going to run the Windermere Marathon as Marathon #43. My goal is 50 marathons before 50, I’m 45 now so I need to get my butt in gear! I’m most proud of breaking 3 hours in the marathon, my PR is 2:56.53 in 2002 Which was a LONG time ago but the great thing about a PR is no one can ever take it away from you! In 2008 myself and Janet collar formed Team Spokane Swift. The main goal of Spokane Swift is to bring women runners together who enjoy training and racing, empowering each other , and working together to reach goals. Our group of women has grown from 21 to 120 members over the last 10 years! The best part about Team Swift for me are the friendships built from the group and watching women get faster, reach their goals and go beyond them! We are a community of women empowering women. I love to watch others experience and embrace it! As I experience the aging process & injury Ive really Grown to appreciate and feel lucky to get to run, I’ve learned to not take it for granted, and my personal motto is “why wait until tomorrow when you can do it today”. I love to run and I hope I can still run Marathons when I’m 80. I love the community of runners in Spokane, they’re a special group of people !”
Heather, thank you for sharing your story with us and for being such an inspiration! 
What Is YOUR Story Going To Be?
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