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April 7th, 2019 Thank you for your interest in the Hunger Run! The Hunger Run is merging with the Negative Split half-marathon/10K/5K race for the 2019 event, which will take place in Spokane on Sunday, April 7. The race will be named Negative Split Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k but will also champion the cause of fighting hunger right here in the Inland Northwest. [...]

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This Week’s Featured Runners: The Truong Sisters!

This Week's Featured Runners: The Truong Sisters! This Week We Are Featuring 3 Runners, The Truong Sisters: Vivi, Anna And Diem! You May recognize Them From The Header On Our Webpage For This Race! We Are So Honored To Have These 3 As Part Of Our Running Community. They Are Always Supporting Us, Whether It Be Running In Our Races Or Giving Us A Like Or A Comment On [...]

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This Week's Featured Runner Is Noelle! Noelle is running the Negative Split 5K and the Windermere Half Marathon with us this Spring! She is a Mom to 2 boys and is an amazing runner! Here is her story: "My name is Noelle and this is my running story. I got serious about running 4 years ago after I had my first son. As a new mom, like many, I [...]

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This Week's Featured Runner is Alvaro! We are excited to have Alvaro running the Negative Split Half Marathon and the Windermere Full Marathon with us this Spring! This is his story: "Why do I run? I firmly believe that the best shape of my life will be tomorrow. That means I have to push myself today. Every. Single. Day. Happiness for me starts by killing excuses, and I’m proud [...]

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