THIS WEEK'S FEATURED RUNNER: Heather LeFriec! We are so excited to introduce this week's featured runner! She is not only a phenomenal runner, but she has made a huge impact on our women's running community by co-founding The Spokane Swifts. We are honored to have Heather running the Negative Split 5K and The Windermere Full Marathon with us this year!   THIS IS HEATHER'S STORY: "I had grown up [...]

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We are all sorts of inspired over here with the New Year and this week's featured runner is downright AWESOME! Meet Kelsey, she is a mom to 3 kiddos and we are sure that she is going to crush her GOALS this racing season! Here is her story: "I'm a twin mom plus one who enjoys endurance races. I have some race goals for the 2018 season. My two [...]

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Our featured runner this week is Bryanna, one of the fastest women in our community! We are so excited to have her running the Negative Split 10K and the Windermere Half Marathon with us in the Spring of 2018! She is so passionate about running and has made a career out of sharing her passion with others. She owns and operates a blog,, which is a great source [...]

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5 Tips For Long Distance Run Training

5 Tips For Long Distance Run Training: 1.Terrain. If possible try to get some training runs on similar terrain as your race. It is ideal to train on the actual race course, but if you live out of the area you will have to mimic the course in your training. For example if the race is loaded with hills, make sure you are adding hilly runs or inclining your [...]

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What the HILL Workout

Hello! Today I am sharing one of my favorite hill workouts. I find it much easier to have a plan before tackling a dreaded workout, such as hills. This workout is a great way to build strength and power. Make sure that the hill you decide to run is at least 100 - 200 m long to get the best workout! Prior to this hill workout, warm-up with a [...]

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