November 18th, 2017

Registration opens October 8th


Event Overview

It’s the end of the year and once again our warehouse is bursting at the seams with swag from all our races. Want some gear?  Just sign-up and run, walk, or crawl for 45 minutes and we will send you as much gear as we can pack in a box!

You’ll Get

  • Shirts, pint glasses, bags, GU, hats, and more! Everything we can fit in a flat rate shipping box.


If you are interested in sponsoring this event, contact us here!

Race FAQs

Race cost:

Register online and you will receive a flat rate shipping box stuffed full with shirts, hats, pint glasses, bags, nutritional products, and more. Tell us your sizes and we will raid our warehouse for you. There is no guarantee on type of products you will receive for sure, but just that you will receive a metric boatload of it valued at more than the cost of registration!

Cost: $22  Must Register Before November 30, 2017.

Swag boxes will be sent out every Friday between Oct 13 – Dec. 1

What is the Virtual Negative Split Swag Run?

We  put on a lot of events throughout the calendar year. With lots of events, comes tons of extra swag! We want to clean out our storage by giving away as much swag as we possibly can! Aside from our live Swag Run event, you can now choose to participate in our Virtual Negative Split Swag Run. This is a new, online option that we are offering to those who are unable to make our live Swag Run event! You will receive similar swag offered to those participating in the live event!

How does the Virtual Swag Run work?

Simply sign up on our website and you will receive racing bib and a flat rate shipping box stuffed with as much Negative Split swag as possible. When you receive your swag/racing bib in the mail, the next step is run, walk, crawl, or roll for 45minutes along your favorite course.

What will you receive in your Box?

It will be a complete surprise! Everything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, water bottles, GU nutritional products, and bags from past events may be in your bag. There will also be some lucky participants who receive Oakley merchandise! Sizing comes on a first come first serve bases. Sign up early to get first dibs on swag!

What do you do after you complete the Virtual Swag Run?

Sport your new gear and feel accomplished! Then take a selfie of yourself with your new swag and post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #nsplit. We love to connect with our participants on social media.

This is a virtual event and you can choose your favorite route that takes at least 45 minutes.  Not sure what route to do?  Check out apps like mapmyrun.com for lots of area routes.

Thanks for wanting to volunteer, but since this is a virtual event we don’t need volunteers. Please check out our many other events for volunteer opportunities.

No refunds, transfers, or deferments are allowed.