Get Ready

Novice or Elite

Try this sample fitness test to see where you stack up.

Max Consecutive Wall Ball Shots (14# medicine ball to a 9′ Target)

  • Hip crease below top of kneecap at bottom of front squat
  • Medicine ball touches a point 9′ or higher
  • Suggested minimum competency (10 reps)
  • Elite Recommendation (20 reps)

300-yd Shuttle Run for Time

  • Setup 2 cones 25-yd apart
  • Starting at cone 1, sprint and touch cone 2, sprint back and touch cone 1 (round trip equal 50-yards)
  • This round trip is completed six times without stopping for a total distance of 300 yards
  • Suggested minimum competency (2:00)
  • Elite Minimum (1:25)

48″ Box Muscle Ups, Max Reps in 60 seconds

  • Stack boxes to equal 48″ vertically
  • Start standing on ground with hands resting on top of box
  • Jump vertically and push yourself up until shoulders are aligned vertically above your hands
  • Return to ground and repeat as many times as you can in 60 seconds
  • Suggested minimum competency (10 reps)
  • Elite Minimum (30 reps)

Fitness Games Events

Event 1 – “Box Jump / Shuttle Run”

60 Second Round 1:
Athlete 1 – Max Box Jumps, 24″/20″
Athlete 2 – Max Line Touches, 15 Foot Shuttle Run
15 Second Transition

60 Second Round 2:
Athlete 1 – Max Line Touches, 15 Foot Shuttle Run
Athlete 2 – Max Box Jumps, 24″/20″

Event Score: Combined Total (Box Jumps + Line Touches)
Tiebreaker: Combined Total Reps in Round 2

Event 2 – “Wall Ball”

For Time:
20, 16, 12, 8, 4 Alternating Partner Wall Ball Passes (14#/10#)
Wall Climb Over & Back (both athletes)

After each round of wall ball passes, both athletes will go over the wall and back to their original side before starting the next round of alternating wall ball shots.

Time Cap: 4 minutes
Event Score: Time to complete all five rounds OR total reps completed in the 4 minute time cap.
Tiebreaker: The time will be marked at the end of each round completed. If two teams complete the same amount of reps at the end of the 4 min time cap, the team with the lowest time of the last completed round will have priority in the standings.

Event 3 – To be Announced

Will be announced Friday, April 10 after the first two events.

Event 4 – “Flip, Grip, and Rip”

2 Minute Partner Tire “Flip” for Distance (A1 + A2 for 2 minutes)
2 Minute DB Farmers Carry “Grip” (A1 for 1 minute, A2 for 1 minute)
2 Minute Sled Pull “Rip” (A1 for 1 minute, A2 for 1 minute)

Event Score: Combined Distance of Flip + Grip + Rip
Tiebreaker: Combined Sled Pull “Rip” Distance (A1 + A2)

Event 5 – “Wall AMRAP”

4 Minute AMRAP: Alternating Partner Wall Climbs

Both athletes start on the same side of wall behind a line. Athlete 1 must climb over the wall, then back over the wall, and tag their partners hand before Athlete 2 can approach the wall and climb. One wall rep is counted each time an athlete travels over the wall. Each athlete will be awarded 2 reps for successfully climbing over the wall and back to the original side.

Event Score: Combined Total Wall Climbs (A1 + A2)

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