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Swag Run Scavenger Hunt

November 18th, 2017 U District PT Spokane, WA Registration Opens Ocotber 8th, 2017 REGISTER Event Overview It’s the end of the year and our warehouse is bursting at the seams with swag. Come get your hands on some of the best gear we give out. You have 45 minutes to collect as many raffle tickets along a running route as possible. [...]

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Virtual Swag Run

November 18th, 2017 Registration opens October 8th REGISTER Event Overview It’s the end of the year and once again our warehouse is bursting at the seams with swag from all our races. Want some gear?  Just sign-up and run, walk, or crawl for 45 minutes and we will send you as much gear as we can pack in a box! [...]

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Gingerbread Virtual 5k

December 1st - 29th, 2017 Registration opening soon! REGISTER Event Overview Grab some friends this winter and use this virtual race as motivation to get out and walk/run/ski/sled a 5K! You’ll Get a super soft raglan sleeve gingerbread 5k shirt shipped to your doorstep Race FAQs All participants will get [...]

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Glow in the Park JBSA

February 24th, 2018 Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX Registration Opens October 15, 2017   Event Overview Ready, Set, Glow… We are coming back to Fort Sam Houston to light up McArthur Field for a night of glow festivities. This glow run is created for the military personnel and their families at Joint Base San Antonio. All participants will need a DOD [...]

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Negative Split Half Marathon, 10k + 5k

April 8th, 2018 Kendall Yards, Spokane, WA Registration opens October 5th, 2017 at 9:00 AM PST REGISTER Event Overview Negative Split’s signature race is the best way to kick off your running season. Boasting three great distances and scenic courses, this race is full of energy and swag!   You’ll Get Finisher shirt Finish medal Sling bag Pint glass   [...]

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Glow for Hunger

May 11th, 2018 Joe Albi Stadium Spokane, WA  Registration opens January 15, 2018 VOLUNTEER Event Overview Join Northwest Harvest and Negative Split for this epic 1 mile kid’s glow run. Register your kid’s and parents run for free. Kid’s pre-party, glowed out 1 mile course, and food vendors!   You’ll Get T-shirt Glow Necklace Glow Bracelet   [...]

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Roll it!

Today we are talking about foam rolls. In my opinion, every runner should own a foam roll. They are cheap, effective and easy to use. Foam rolls are very effective for self massage and postural correction. Below are some of our favorite moves for runners with the foam roll. TFL and hip flexors: Roll face down on the roller with your hip crease on the roll. search for trigger [...]

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Pre-race breakfast

Good morning! We are answering some questions regarding our favorite pre-race meal today! Should you eat breakfast before a race? And if so, what should you eat? Although this may vary from person to person, in most cases you should eat something before you hit the road running. We suggest eating a breakfast consisting of a carb and protein at least 3 hours prior to the start of your [...]

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What the HILL Workout

Hello! Today I am sharing one of my favorite hill workouts. I find it much easier to have a plan before tackling a dreaded workout, such as hills. This workout is a great way to build strength and power. Make sure that the hill you decide to run is at least 100 - 200 m long to get the best workout! Prior to this hill workout, warm-up with a [...]

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